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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Alaverdian Earns Stoppage Win

Flyweight David Alaverdian fought last night on cancha 4 at Gregorio Gonzalez Gym in Hermosillo, Sinaloa, Mexico. Alaverdian, a 27 year old, defeated Arcadio "Carcario" Salazar by way of third round TKO. His fight was part of Noches de Prospectos, or Night of Prospects.

Alaverdian jabbed beautifully in the opening round. Off the jab, he added a right over the top, a left hook, and a chopping right sprinkled throughout the round. Salazar attempted some wide shots in which Alaverdian easily slid out of the way. It was a textbook display of how to start a fight. The only mistake came from a mis-timed right hand that resulted in Alaverdian immediately shaking that appendage, although he used it the rest of the fight.

A 36 year old native of the northern border town of Aqua Prieta in Sonora, Mexico, Salazar initiated the second stanza with a salvo of shots. This round would prove to be the toughest of David's short professional career. Make no mistake, he carried the round convincingly. But Salazar managed to get inside and land a shot here and there.

Alaverdian spent that second round showing off his matrix-like defense. He switched to southpaw on two brief occasions. Offensively, he hasn't been as strong in the lefty stance. The switch served to confuse Salazar, who was in his 44th pro fight, and momentarily halt the veteran's attack. Carcario finally figured he ought to throw shots regardless of his opponent's stance, so Alaverdian countered. He tends to counter more as a lefty.

At one moment in the round, the fighters were in a clinch and Alaverdian threw a punch. Salazar's head was turned and the Israel-native was warned for rabbit punching by the referee.

David stuck with the right-handed stance in the third round and came out jabbing. His defense was sharp. He threw the double jab to move Salazar into position for a straight right. Whereas Salazar found some success in exchanges in the second, Alaverdian dominated them in the third. After landing a combo while Salazar was in the corner, Alaverdian nailed the Mexican with a right. Salazar slumped over a bit, and Alaverdian jumped on him. The ref flew in and stopped the affair.

Alaverdian is now 4-0 with three knockouts. Salazar falls to 11-30-3. He has no knockouts, but has been stopped 28 times. His only two instances losing a fight by decision coincidentally came in his last two bouts, both in 2021. This was Salazar's fourteenth consecutive defeat, mostly to good prospects and quality established fighters.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Boyd Melson Interview on Ring City USA

 Shawn Porter interviews Boyd Melson for Ring City USA's West Point show.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Alex Vargas Calls out Cletus Seldin

A former sparring partner has called out Cletus "Hebrew Hammer" Seldin on Instagram. Alex "El Toro" Vargas (10-0, 4 KO) accused Seldin on his Instagram page of "going around telling people he 'beat me up' in sparring." He added, "You and your team know how it really went."

Seldin (25-1, 21 KOs) answered Vargas with a warning. "Inside the ring with me is a very dangerous place." The Hamma described Vargas as "a decent 6 round fighter," which might sound like an insult but is simply an accurate assessment of El Toro's current status. Seldin advised him to "Pay your dues!"

Vargas responded to Cletus by criticizing Seldin's last opponent.

A 24 year old southpaw from Long Island, New York, Vargas has never had a fight scheduled past the sixth round. He has only faced two opponents with a winning record. He scored one knockout in his first seven fights, all but one of which took place in the Paramount Theatre in Huntington, New York. Vargas has fought three times since October, all in Florida. He has scored three KOs in those bouts, but the combined record of his opponents was a lackluster 6-25 when they faced Vargas.

Conversely, Seldin has fought opponents with a winning record in 20 of his last 22 fights. The other two opponents sported even records. Only three of his pro foes have had losing records when Seldin battled them. The 34 year old New Yorker has been in the ring with the likes of Zab Judah, Yves Ulysse, Roberto Ortiz, Johnny Garcia, and Bayan Jargal.

Seldin would be a massive step up for Vargas. For Seldin, the fight would be a much-needed tune-up fight. He hasn't fought in fourteen months. Vargas indicated he hopes the fight can take place at some point in July.