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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Duer Falls to Juarez

Carolina Duer lost via unanimous decision to Mariana Juarez last Saturday night at the Convention Center in Fresnillo, Mexico. Though the decision ultimately went to the right woman, the bout was plagued with irregularities and pro-Juarez bias.

The 41 year old Duer turned back the clock fifteen years in the first three rounds and thoroughly outboxed the 39 year old Juarez. She threw educated combinations that often finished with an overhand right or a left hook to the body. Juarez tried to counter with her right and landed occasionally. Both fighters spent moments as southpaws, but Duer's switches seemed to be strategic, while Mariana's move to southpaw was reactionary. There were several butts during the first three rounds, and Juarez seemed to get the worse of them.

Juarez countered more effectively in the fourth round and was able to slip Carolina's charges in the fifth. Duer abandoned her boxing and traded with Juarez more as the fight progressed. That was the case in the sixth as Duer's punching form became sloppier. Juarez managed to pin Duer in a corner in the 7th.

Referee Donovan Boucher of Canada thought the ten-second clap was the bell, so the seventh round lasted only a minute and 50 seconds. Boucher's role became more dubious from that point forward. Juarez increasingly complained about Duer's periodic holding and the intermittent butts. Boucher continuously acquiesced to Juarez's complaints. He took a point for holding in the eighth and ended that round ten seconds early as well.

The ninth ended 50 seconds early, which made for a penultimate round of only a minute and ten seconds. This faux pas seemed to be the responsibility of the timekeeper as the bell rang at 1:10.

Duer returned to boxing in the final round as Juarez sat on her lead. She knew she was ahead because the WBC has open-scoring for non-U.S. bouts. Despite competing in 66 previous bouts, Juarez had a bad habit of throwing her hands up and shrugging whenever Carolina landed a clean punch, allowing everyone to know Duer had scored. Juarez shrugged more in the tenth than she had in the previous few rounds.

The judges scored the fight 98-91 (twice), and 97-94 for Juarez/ The JBB scored the fight 96-93 for Juarez. The Mexico City native moves to 54-9-4 with 18 KOs while Duer is now 19-6-1 with 6 KOs.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Duer to Fight Juarez for a Strap

Carolina Duer returns to the ring after fourteenth months to face Mariana Juarez on October 12 at the Convention Center in Fresnillo, Mexico. The bout is for an alphabet bantamweight title.

Duer (19-5-1, 6 KOs) is a 41 year old from Buenos Aires. This will be her first time fighting outside of her native Argentina as a professional boxer. She's held world championship belts at two different weight classes and was on an 18-fight undefeated streak before losing two split decisions to Maria Cecilia Roman. Duer has only fought once a year recently, so her last victory was over three years ago.

Juarez (53-9-4, 18 KOs) resides in Mexico City and possesses some advantages over Duer. She's two years younger and has won world title belts from Flyweight up through bantamweight. Nicknamed Barby, Juarez has much more experience. She has almost as many knockouts as Duer has wins and Juarez isn't noted for her power. She fought fewer than four months ago and has battled four opponents since Duer's last fight, all unanimous decision victories.

Experience can be looked at another way, however. Juarez has 495 rounds in the ring while Duer has only 167. Juarez has been stopped three times while Duer has never been stopped. So Duer has a lot less mileage and, though she's experienced her share of tough battles, Carolina has received less damage in the ring.

The fight is scheduled for ten two-minute rounds.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Lazarev Goes 4-0

Igor Lazarev, a lightweight from Israel, defeated Leandro Xhelili last Saturday night at Asllan Rusi Sports Palace in Tirana, Albania.

Lazarev won by split decision. The judges' scores were 58-56, 57-56, and 56-58.

Lazarev, 33 year old, is 4-0. Xhelili, an 18 year old from Tirana with a two inch height advantage, is now 1-4.