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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Duer and Ramirez Fight to an Ugly Split Draw

Carolina Duer fought Marianela Ramirez to a split draw Friday night at Estadio Polideportivo in Villa de Mayo, Argentina. It was a night to forget for the three people in the ring.

Duer started the fight moving and boxing effectively. She switched stances and caught Ramirez on the end of her punches. Halfway through the opening round, Duer held and Ramirez landed a right to the stomach after referee Carlos Gomez had called for the action to cease. Duer turned away in pain and was given some time to recover.

Whether it was due to her age of 41, the grueling fight with Mariana Juarez in Mexico last month, or that cheap shot by Ramirez, Duer fought a very negative fight the rest of the way. It was a shame because her class was clearly several levels above that of Ramirez, a crude come-forward slugger who threw looping lefts and rights without much of a game plan.

Duer landed straight shots as Ramirez lumbered forward and then held as if Ramirez was her mother day on Carolina's first day of kindergarten. As the fight went on, Ramirez would go limp when held and shoot referee Gomez a pleading look. At one point in the seventh round, Gomez blamed Ramirez for the holding, claiming she was hooking Duer's arm. It was a ridiculous assertion; Duer not only initiated virtually all of the holding, she wouldn't let go when Gomez ordered her to. Gomez had to physically peel Duer off of Ramirez.

Ramirez wasn't clean either. She hit on the break and led with her head. Gomez took a point in the sixth round for a rabbit punch. Though Gomez clearly favored Duer in his admonitions, Ramirez paid too much attention to him. Gomez did finally take a point from Duer in the seventh for holding to the delight of the crowd.

Ramirez landed a hard right to the ear in the eighth which obviously hurt Duer. Duer showed her mettle and fought back instead of quitting. Carolina didn't do much in the ninth but came back to land a couple of hard rights in the final round. One right nearly sent Ramirez through the ropes. The other led Ramirez to clinch for the first time in the fight. Gomez tried to separate them by jamming his forearm into Duer's throat which caused the former champ to yell at him.

The judges scored the bout 95-93, 94-94, and (curiously) 95-96. The JBB scored the fight 96-92 in Duer's favor. She held far too often, but it is the referee's job to punish the fighter, not the judges'. Ramirez marched forward, but she barely landed anything while Duer did virtually all of the clean punching before falling into clinches.

Duer is now 19-6-1 with 6 KOs and Ramirez is 6-6-1 with one KO.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Duer to Quickly Return to the Ring

Carolina Duer is scheduled to fight in a tune-up bout fewer than two months after her loss to Mariana Juarez in a grueling affair. Duer's opponent is slated to be Marianela Ramirez, and the match will take place tomorrow at Estadio Polideportivo in Villa de Mayo, Argentina, just outside Buenos Aires.

Duer (19-6-1, 6 KOs) has lost her last three fights, all in title bouts. Duer lost via split decision to Maria Cecilia Roman in 2017 and suffered the same fate in the rematch one year later. On October 12 this year, Duer lost by unanimous decision to Mariana Juarez in a rough fight in Juarez's hometown.

Ramirez, a 25 year old from Argentina, is 6-6 with one KO. She does have a few advantages however. She is 16 years younger than Duer and is the naturally bigger fighter. Duer has only weighed in as much as 122 pounds once while Ramriez has weighed in at 126 twice. Ramirez has also been far more active; she's had 11 fights since Duer's first loss to Roman.

This bout is scheduled to take place at super bantamweight and for ten rounds.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Basin Wins Third Fight

Light heavyweight Nikita Basin, a 33 year old from Israel, had his hand raised in victory after his contest with Andrii Chamaidar in Myrhorod, Ukraine.

After two minutes and forty seconds of the first round, referee Shlomo Niyazov stopped the contest. Basin won by technical knockout. Basin had a significant weight advantage weighing in at 178.5 pounds to Chamaidar's 172.

Basin is now 3-0 with three KOs while Chamaidar, a 21 year old Ukrainian, is 1-9 and has been stopped nine times.